Payment Reminders are a great way to gently remind your customers that they have an outstanding balance.  By scheduling payment reminders to automatically send out to your customers you are training them to think about their overdue balance with you on a regular basis.  Statistics show this can significantly decrease the amount of overdue invoices and increase your daily cash flow, with very little effort on your part!

When you have Payment Reminders enabled in Late Fee Manager we will email them directly to your customers for you.  As long as you have a valid email address for your customer saved in your accounting software, you don't have to do a thing.  Also, we always include a copy of the original overdue invoice in payment reminder emails as a PDF attachment.  

There are three different scheduling options for Payment Reminders, Before the Due Date, On the Due Date, and After the Due Date.  You can choose one of these options or all three, it's completely customizable.  Here's an example of what an "On the Due Date" Payment Reminder looks like:

We provide templates for the payment reminder emails, but those are also completely customizable.  

You know your customers better than we do, so you tell us how often to send out payment reminders.  However, keep in mind how many emails you want your customers to regularly receive. 

Here is a helpful video that shows you how to schedule payment reminders in your Late Fee Manager Settings:

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