We base our pricing structure on the number of OPEN or UNPAID invoices you have in your accounting software.  If you already know approximately how many invoices in your Xero or QuickBooks account, great!  Check out our pricing tiers below. (The pricing is in USD, but many of our users are from all over the globe).

Sole Proprietor - $19/month  
For users with up to 100 open or unpaid invoices

SMB - $49/month
For users with up to 500 open or unpaid invoices

Corporate - $99/month
For users with up to 1000 open or unpaid invoices

Enterprise - Custom Pricing
For users with more than 1000 open invoices.  Contact us and we will create a customized plan that suits your needs.  

If you don't know your invoice count offhand, no worries!  Once we run your account for the first time, we can get an accurate count for you.  Plus, since you get the first month free, you can "try before you buy." :)  

One of the most frequent pricing questions we are asked is "Do you include invoices created by Late Fee Manager (like late fee invoices) in the total open invoice count?"  The answer is, absolutely not!  Invoices created by Late Fee Manager will not affect your price in any way.  A late fee invoice created by Late Fee Manager will not trigger another late fee if it becomes past due.  Only the original overdue invoice can trigger a late fee, so we don't look at Late Fee Manager invoices when processing your account.  

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